Executive Director

Executive Director – Justin Lauer

Florida TSA
PO Box 121614
W. Melbourne, FL 32912


Justin Lauer led Florida TSA to achieve a new membership milestone by increasing Florida TSA membership to over 50,000 students in 2015-16. State conference participation has also reached a record high with over 1,500 participants for two consecutive years. Florida TSA had more student members than any other state in 2012-2016 school years.

Justin’s commitment to TSA has been recognized nationally. Justin received National TSA’s Honorary Life Award in 2013, Distinguished Service Award in 2008, and National TSA’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 2005. He has served TSA in almost every capacity including judge, competitive event coordinator, judge manager, state conference computer operations manager, and alumni volunteer.

Justin has his Industrial Engineering degree and Master’s of Science in Management degree from the University of Florida. His technical abilities and management experience are a perfect match for Florida TSA.

Justin also participated in TSA as a student member. Major accomplishments as a student member include 5 National TSA Championships, 2 terms as a state officer, Ralph Steeb Scholarhsip winner, and Florida TSA’s Distinguished Student Award recipient.

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