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  • 2017-18 FL TSA State Officer Team

    2017-18 Florida TSA State Officers

    President - Kevin Tenczar


    Kevin Tenczar, a senior from Palm Bay Magnet High School, has been involved in the Florida Technology Student Association for the past 6 years. Over the course of these years, Kevin’s passion for the organization has grown infinitely. For this reason, he is honored to be serving as the Florida TSA 2017-2018 State President. Through this program, Kevin discovered, in himself, a great love for graphic design and a calling to the career of Teaching Technology. He was able to stabilize these feelings by completing his favorite events: Promotional Design and Future Technology Teacher. In addition to putting forth his best effort to bring this delegation to its full potential, Kevin has taken on the challenge of developing his own chapter. With over 400 hours of community service in the name of TSA, he is confident in his ability to commit to his duties as State President. Kevin Tenczar, a proud member of the family that is Florida TSA, is excited to serve his office to the best of his abilities and guide this delegation through a success filled the year.

    Vice President - Spencer Waid


    Spencer Waid is a junior at Lakewood Ranch High School and has been part of TSA for the past five years. Through his experience with TSA, he has developed an interest and passion for leadership, graphic design, and creativity. The youngest of four brothers, he had the opportunity to observe his three older brothers’ TSA experiences and watched them work and earn several awards at all levels of competition. This inspired Spencer to follow in their footsteps by joining TSA in 6th grade at Haile Middle School. Since then he has served as Sergeant at Arms, Treasurer, and President at the chapter level and served as your state Sergeant at Arms. Some of Spencer’s favorite events have been Chapter Team, STEM Careers, and Children’s Stories. Throughout the past five years, he has experienced TSA competitive success placing in the top three at the district, state and national levels. Outside of TSA he really enjoys developing his skills as a violinist and performing in his school's theater department. Lastly, his hopes for the future include attending the University of South Florida and pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy.

    Secretary - Obed Antoine


    With 6 years of TSA experience under his belt, Obed has been able to cultivate public speaking, leadership, and teamwork skills to assist his TSA peers. As a senior at Braden River High School, Obed enjoys competing in Chapter Team, SciVis, and Debating Technology Issues. You can often find Obed giving presentations to aspiring TSA members during open houses and things of that nature. Outside of TSA, Obed is a member of the Academic Team, the secretary of National Honor Society, and the secretary of Peer Study Hall. Obed also enjoys challenging himself with a rigorous AP course load, yet manages to keep a cool composure, despite the immense amounts of stress. He also likes to volunteer at his local hospital’s Stroke Center and play Tenor Saxophone in his school’s Jazz Band. Obed always loves to make historical allusions, spend time with his friends, and stay up to date on current events through CNN. Ultimately, Obed looks forward to applying his skill-set to Florida TSA in the office of Secretary, so he can ensure that the delegation prospers for years to come.

    Treasurer - Alex Kumar


    Alex Kumar is a Junior in the IB program at Southeast High School. He’s been in TSA for five years and has attended 10 TSA conferences. He has served as chapter Reporter, Treasurer, and Vice President for his middle school and high school chapters; TSA has been a huge part of his life ever since he joined, and loved every minute! Alex also loves engineering, tennis, graphic design, running, and music. You can also always catch him with a snack, especially his beloved KFC or Lucky Charms. This year’s Treasurer is eager to serve for the 2017-2018 year!

    Reporter - Ahmad Ibsais


    With 4 years of TSA experience, Ahmad has been able to use his innovate mindset, communication skills, graphic design, public speaking, and leadership skills to not only further his role in TSA but that of his school and county serving as a past Manatee County district reporter and your next FL TSA State Reporter. Ahmad enjoys the challenges which competition throws his way and is always willing to exceed his own expectations serving as your 2017 – 2018 state reporter. Ahmad’s favorite events include Future Technology Teacher, Biotechnology, and Software development. When not studying for school, he is participating in his local CMPS group where they do activities that involve helping the homeless and veterans in his area or playing the saxophone. Ahmad enjoys traveling, family, and all the desserts the world has to offer and you can often find him setting high standards or drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino. Above all, he is passionate about using his limitless energy and motivation to serve as your State Reporter and will do his best to achieve and exceed the responsibilities to improve the quality of Florida TSA and its members through new methods of communication and leadership.

    Sergeant at Arms - Christina Cunningham


    Christina Cunningham is a Sophomore at Lakeland Sr. High School. She has four years of TSA experience, both at State and National conferences. She is currently a member of the Lakeland Sr. High School TSA Chapter. But beyond her competitive achievements, Christina recognizes her people oriented connections as the most valuable outcome of her TSA endeavors. Her goal oriented personality helps her create effective teams and organize activities. Christina's can-do attitude is cultivated by TSA’s many team projects. Throughout her many conferences, she has competed in many events but Debating Technological Issues, Children's Stories, and Leadership strategies are her favorite events. She encourages others to join TSA and be a part of the community that she loves. Aside from TSA, she is an active member of her Thespian Troupe and French Club. Having been in 14 productions and costumed another, she loves the stage, and everything involved in the production process. She loves to challenge herself and pursue the arts while still seeking rigorous coursework. She often paints and sculpts, as well as digitally designs art. She is passionate about TSA and looks forward to working on behalf of the Florida TSA Delegation!

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